HVSQ Ver.2 更新说明


受制于新冠COVID-19疫情,相关供应商工厂的排期较长,为此感到非常抱歉。但是此项目不会搁浅,一直在积极跟进相关进展,近日获取到相关实质信息,特此发布 更新说明。





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HVSQ Ver.2 UPDATE English

HVSQ Ver.2 Project Update

First of all, thank you for your attention and waiting all the time.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our supplier factory has a schedule delay, and I'm very sorry about that. But this project will not be put aside, and I have been actively following up on the progress. Substantial information was recently obtained and hereby I release this update.

Previously, there were certain problems caused by the gear manufacturer which led to unqualified parts. I immediately turned to another capable factory, and we had finished design calculation, load review, production verification, programme development. But this factory has too many unfinished orders and we had to queue up for its schedule, so during the period I was unable to release any further update.

Recently the queuing is finished and we are again in the production process. I will carry out the work with chariness and responsibility, to accomplish it as soon as possible.

Specific schedule will be released when the production is established, thanks again for your patience.

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Speicial thanks to all pre-order customers,thank you for your support, you will definitely live up to your expectations! And please give this original designed product some confidence and patience, I'm looking forward to deliver the very best outcome to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

For those who couldn't pre-order in time, thank you for your attention. To ensure the smooth progress of production, official ordering channel is temporarily closed, and it will be re-opened when stable supply can be achieved.